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Written by Stekman (Stefan Ekman)   
Sunday, 14 November 2010 17:17

Users are important, or the work that is done with this library is meaningless. We who are developing SDL.Net are always happy when we meet the people using the library. Please meet Mateo from Milan, Italy.

Tell me a bit about yourself. Who are you? What do you do?

My name is Matteo; i'm a 29 years old guy from Milan, in Italy. I'm another one like Stefan, who maintains SDL.Net, that since he was child, got crazy looking at "images" moving around the screen and absolutely wanted to know how to create that "magic" effect.

Today I'm a software developer for a company, here in Italy. My job consist primarily in developing and managing enterprise software using .NET and Sql databases.

Having some spare time, I decided to start developing a game, my first game, so I used Google to find a good (and simple) library or framework centred to games developing.

Today developers can choose between a lot of library and languages (Java, Python and Pygame etc.) but i decided to use something familiar, so i looked at a library for C#, and at least i found Sdl.NET.

What type of game is it?

The name is TankAttak! I'm doing a simple tank tile-based game. I started it last weekend, i printed some Sdl.Net documentations, open MonoDevelop and.. started!

I didn't know anything about the "game" main loop, about sprites, about the "verb to blit", about collision detect algorithm etc. but today i feel happy, very happy because my tank is moving on the screen, because it can shoot two types of "bullet", because i can kill the enemy etc. etc. !

It was (or better, it is) a great experience, and when i can't resolve some (math) problem i can ask help to Sdl.Net Chat or in the forum (or maybe, also to the prepared guys of StackOverflow.com )

What software are you using beside Mono?

As you can see from my screenshot i'm not a graphics designer (Gimp isn't my bread), so if someone want to help me to realize some better sprites, he's the welcome.

What do you like or dislike with SDL.NET?

Because this is my first experience in game programming, i can only tell you what i like about Sdl.NET and at the moment the answer is... All.

First: it's simple, very simple.
With a line of code you can set your screen surface, and with other 3 lines, you can draw your sprites and moving it !

You can do this in managed code (that for my needed is an advantage) and you are sure you can run it in all main desktop system.

I'm developing my little game using MonoDevelop either in Linux and in Windows (i prefer Linux but at work we use Windows platform so...) and at the moment I didn't encounter "bugs" regarding the different platforms.

Another notable library is the Particle system who allow you to create effect like explosion on the screen, fire, smoke or fog effects.

About the Audio, well... you need only 3 codes line to play your "boom" explosion.

What do you want more ?

Is it possible to download a beta of the game? Will the game be opensource?

Yes, the game will be open source but at the moment it is immature to distribute it. Soon i will upload it on SourceForge.

For the future, the most important thing i want to realize, is the multiplayer.

I would like to create a death match mode, with up to 8 player on the net... so my next step is: "learn how to develop a robust client/server system for a multiplayer game!".. i've already started to download documentation, next week I'll study it !


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