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Friday, 05 November 2010 21:06

Is there a better way to spend an autumn break than revamping the website? It was much needed as the versions of the software behind the site were outdated. I am quite pleased with the looks and the function of the new site. If you enter the wiki, you will find all the stuff you are used to. The wiki is easy accessible from the top menu. You will also find a link to the forum here.



The goals of the redesign of the site was two:

  • Modern and professional look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Keep as much as possible of the old site

To make the site more easy to maintain I had to do some changes in the structure of the site:

Sourceforge, who hosts this site, has a lot of good services. This means that the wiki and the phpBB forums are moved to their Hosted Apps-program. The wiki was easy to export and import to their system, but the phpBB forums were not. This means that all old post are kept for reference here, but this forum is not to be used. Use the forum link in the top-menu instead.

There are no great changes in the wiki. The only thing I removed was the news section. The news section was hard to manage in the wiki software. The news are instead moved to this joomla-based part of the site. This part of the site will be used for news and some articles. The wiki will be used for tutorials, documentation and examples.

We will use the sourceforge bug-tracking and feature-tracking systems. There are links to these parts in the main menu (to the left). Support is communitydriven in the forums.

One last thing: All accounts in the wiki and the forums are gone. The sourceforge hosted apps uses sourceforges own login. This makes life for us more easy.

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