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Sunday, 14 November 2010 16:12

I think it is time to tell you what is going on in the project.

We are reorganizing the SVN. All the obsolete files (and some private projects by the former developers) are moved to archive/old folders. The trunk now contains two folders, that really are worked on:

  • SdlDotNet
  • TaoSdl

SdlDotNet is the stable version of SdlDotNet 6.1.0 with some bugfixes. Feel free to report bugs in this and help testing.

TaoSdl is a the sdl-part of taoframework. This will be our own build to wrap the native SDL-library. This is now just tested on Ubuntu Linux (10.10), where it works with current SDL. There is a lot to clean up, but I left some old taoframework-stuff at this time. Feel free to help to clean up! The build process will be changed to be more close to the sdl.net.

These changes in SdlDotNet and TaoSdl will be the new 6.1.1 release.

We have started a new branch in the SVN:

  • experimental

This is the experimental branch. Here the developers tests new stuff. It is our playground. Currently Pikablu is doing great work with a small GUI-system for SDL.Net. We will also do tests with the 1.3 version of SDL. Changes in this branch are not guaranteed to stay, so beware of using it in real projects. The test-releases of this branch will be called 6.9.x and will be merged with stable in the 7.0.0 release.


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